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Zap Glossary

Abusive review

Reviews that contain personal attacks, contain personal information, contain profanity or abusive language, promote competition, or contain discriminatory language are considered abusive reviews and will be removed. Negative reviews aren’t removed unless they are abusive.

Admin role

A user with an admin role has the ability to update personnel information and Configurations.

Agent block

The agent block is a marketing placement featured on many pages of the website and features the agent working with the browsing customer.

Agent Insights

Agent Insights are short posts written by an agent describing a property they’ve toured (Property Insights) or a neighborhood that they work in (Local Insights). They are posted on Home Details pages and search results pages, and on the agent’s website home page.

Agent lead

lead type indicating that the lead was generated by the agent.

Agent module

The agent module is a marketing placement on the company website that features an agent within the company on a random rotation.

Agent Recommendations

Agent Recommendations are helpful hints sent from an agent to a customer containing homes and searches the customer might be interested in. Each recommendation appears in a banner on the Account pages on the Saved Homes and Saved Searches tabs, as well as on the search results pages and home details pages for homes that have been recommended.

Agent Reviews

Agent Reviews showcase what agent’s clients are saying about them and can highlight their skills, professionalism, and service. To ensure an authentic and transparent review service, we need to collect Zap Agent Reviews through agent’s websites, so customers must review agents there.

Agent role

Users with the agent role will be able to complete sales associated activities such as adding Contacts and entering scripts.

Agent Spotlight

An Agent Spotlight is a marketing placement found on the bottom of a list of search results, and it features an agent who has completed 10 or more showings in the ZIP code of the first property on the list. The Agent Spotlight will include a map of the properties the agent has shown.

Agent status

Your agent status specifies whether you’re the primary agent or the secondary agent for a particular Contact.

Agent Testimonials

Agent Testimonials are testimonials or reviews that an agent has collected from other websites or through closed client surveys. You can display Agent Testimonials instead of Agent Reviews. If you use Testimonials, customers will still be able to write Zap Agent Reviews for you on your Zap website, but those will only be displayed if you choose to post them.

Areas Served module

The Areas Served module is a section on company and agent websites that features a list of up to 21 cities that an agent or company services. Agents and brokers can customize the cities included and the order in which they appear.


An automated valuation model (AVM) is a property value estimate based on mathematical modeling from historical sold home data and price trends. An AVM estimate is based on publicly available home sale data and derived through a proprietary statistical formula — the more data there is, the more reliable the estimate. Providers of AVMs on Zap include SmartZip, Eppraisal, and Zillow. While these estimates are not the same as a professional appraisal, clients looking to sell their homes can use them as a great start to get an idea of how much their property is worth.


Broker lead

A lead that has been generated by the company will be designated as a broker lead in Zap.

Bulk email

A bulk email is an email sent to a group of Contacts.

Bulk upload

In order to bulk upload Contacts, or add multiple Contacts to Zap at once, you’ll need to add those Contacts to LeadRouter so that they can flow into Zap.


An option located in the left navigation panel on Zap. The Business option shows all past, present, and future showing requests, requests for info, and listing appointments, as well as your own listings and transactions.

Business Manager role

Users with the Business Manager role have permission to search for personnel and view Personnel Profiles.


Call notes

Call notes is an entry field in the Contact Summary section that allows an agent to record notes about a conversation with a Contact, to note that they left a voicemail, or to record any other relevant information about the call. These notes will be stored as a record of the call in the Contact’s History.

Call Script Library

This is a list of call scripts an agent can use when calling Contacts. The Call Script Library is made up of brand, company, and personally authored scripts, and is filterable by author, Relationship, timeline to transact, and client interest.

Change User role

This role allows a user to view Zap as another user.

City and Neighborhood Insights

This data appears on your Contact’s mobile Contact Profile or on their desktop Contact Summary, and is a percentage breakdown of the neighborhoods where your Contact has viewed and saved the most homes.


Contact who is somewhere in the transactional process. Contacts who have taken the next step with an agent (buyers who have requested a showing or sellers who have requested a listing appointment) are Clients in Zap.

Client type

Client type distinguishes whether an agent’s Clients are property buyers or sellers.

Closed Client

Client who has closed a transaction with their agent.

Cold Prospect

Cold Prospect is a Prospect who hasn’t logged into the website in over 60 days, so it is less important to focus attention on personally contacting them with follow-ups. Agents won’t be prompted to call or email Cold Prospects in the Follow-ups Dashboard.


The Zap Community is a place for agents and managers to ask questions, find answers, and learn about ways to make the most of Zap. You can find help from other Zap users (Agents, Brokers, and Admin) as well as from our Zap Support Team. Access the Community by clicking on Quick Links or Support in the left navigation panel.

Company Configuration

Company Configuration is a page on the Zap platform that allows users with an Admin role to manage the appearance and information on their company’s website. Access Configurations by clicking Manage in the left navigation panel.

Company lead

lead type indicating that the lead has been generated by the company. (See Broker lead)


Any person who is in an agent or manager’s Contact Pool on Zap.

Contact Icons

Contact icons appear beneath a Contact’s name and give you information about a Contact, such as whether they’re a buyer or a seller, an agent or broker lead, and whether you’re their primary or secondary agent. You can see a description of the icon by hovering over it with your cursor.

Contact Profile

The Contact Profile is the full record of the Contact and includes all of their contact information, their ZapScore details, email campaigns, previous business completed with the Contact, and their History.

Contact Summary

The Contact Summary is an abbreviated record of the Contact and includes their key contact information, search highlights, most recent communications, a field to pull up an email script or compose an email from scratch, and a field to record call notes.

Content Manager role

A user with a Content Manager role will be able to update the Script Library, Follow-up Plans, and various other types of content.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – a way of managing interactions and building relationships with your business’s customers. Zap includes an intelligent desktop and mobile customer engagement platform that helps agents and brokers gain insight about their customers – but it’s not just a CRM. Zap also includes desktop and mobile consumer websites, brokerage management tools, agent websites – all the technology required to do business in real estate in the digital age.



Dash is the database of record for all company, office, and agent information. Dash syncs with Zap every 24 hours to provide up-to-date information.


The Dashboard is the main area of the homepage, located to the right of the navigation panel. This area consists of Tasks at the top and Follow-ups at the bottom of the page.


Email body

The email body is the content of the email that you send to a Contact.

Email campaigns

Email campaigns include automated email updates such as New Listing Alerts and Watched Home Updates.

Email description

This section briefly describes the email script and explains what it is best used for.

Email Script Library

This is a list of email scripts an agent can send to Contacts. The Email Script Library consists of brand, company, and personally authored scripts, and is filterable by author, Relationship, timeline to transact, and client interest.

Email signature

The email signature appears at the end of the email body in an email you send from Zap. Signatures usually include information such as the agent’s name, company, email address, phone number, and website link. Users can edit their email signature in Email Settings by clicking on their name in the Zap left navigation panel.

Email tags

Email tags are added to an email script to auto-populate (fill in) certain content in the body, such as the Contact’s first name and the Agent’s website URL.


Flag as abuse

This action marks a review as abusive, so we can remove it from an agent’s list of reviews.

Follow-up Plans

Follow-up Plans are a feature allowing agents to stay in touch with Contacts and set the frequency with which Contacts will show up on the Dashboard. They allow the brand, broker, or agent to create a plan for staying in touch with their Contacts and choose a variety of scripts, contact methods, and frequency settings based on the Contact’s Relationship.


The lower area of the Zap Dashboard where an agent is reminded to call or email their Contacts based on Relationships, Follow-up Plans and the Priority Dates set by the agent.



Geolocation involves determining a user’s location from their mobile device. This information is used when entering showings and when searching for homes while on mobile web and the mobile app.



A tab on the Contact Profile shows all of the Contact’s History, including a record of communications between the agent and the Contact.

Home Details page

Consumers can access the Home Details page on the website, mobile website, or mobile app to see all of the property-specific information for a listing.

Home Profile Insights

Home Profile Insights are details that can give you an idea of what your customer is looking for in a home based on their activity. On their mobile Contact Profile or on their desktop Contact Summary, you can view the most common number of bedroom and bathrooms, average square footage, and most common property type among homes your Contact has viewed.


In-product promotions

In-product promotions appear on the website and encourage consumers to check out other features of the site.


Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is a place for Zap users to find how-to articles and videos about Zap’s features. Access the Knowledge Base by clicking on Support or Quick Links in Zap’s left navigation panel.



A Contact assigned to an agent within the last 30 days. Leads can be new or reassigned, and automatically become Prospects after 30 days.


LeadRouter is the technology that routes leads to agents, according to the business rules set up by the broker of the company.

Lead source

The lead source is the place the lead originated from, such as a personal referral or offline marketing.

Lead type

Each Contact’s lead type will be based on whether the agent or broker generated the lead. If an agent generated the lead, the lead type is an agent lead. If the company generated the lead, it is a broker lead.

Lead ZIP codes

An agent’s Community question or a reply in the Community to let the poster know that what they wrote is helpful or appreciated.



Listing Client

This is a Client who has listed their property with the agent.

Listings module

This module is available on the company website and the agent website. On the company website, the Featured Listings module features the company’s 9 most recently listed active properties. On the agent website, the section titled My Listings features the agent’s 9 most recently listed active properties.

Local Insights

Local Insights are short posts from agents, brokers, and other Zap users that provide helpful information about a city or neighborhood to customers on company and agent websites. They provide consumers with unique content, allowing agent and company websites to achieve better search engine optimization.



An option in the left navigation panel on Zap that allows the agent to access the Call Script LibraryEmail Script Library, and Admin roles to access the Company Configuration page.


In Zap, a market is a geographically-organized group of ZIP codes. We use markets to determine distinct areas in which customers are searching on your agent or company website. An agent can add a market to their list of service markets, as long as their company services that market.


An MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a database created by real estate professionals to help clients buy and sell property. Zap uses MLS data to display property listings on the agent and company websites.


Needs Attention

This section of the Follow-ups Dashboard includes all new and reassigned leads who have not yet been assigned a Follow-up Plan.

New Lead

When a lead is first assigned to an agent, they’ll be located under the Leads tab in the Follow-ups section of the dashboard with a “new” icon. New Leads will remain in this Relationship for the first 30 days.

New Listing Alerts

Open rate

The open rate is the percentage of time that an email is opened when it’s sent to contacts, and is determined by the number of times the email was opened divided by the number of people who received the email. Once an email has been sent to enough Contacts to determine its effectiveness, you’ll be able to view the email’s open rate in the Email Script Library.

Out of compliance

When agents receive company leads, they’ll be expected to contact them within a certain time frame in order to keep receiving leads. If an agent doesn’t contact or update their leads, those leads will end up approaching out of compliance status and show up in the Priority section of the Dashboard. Leads with a yellow icon under “Last Contact” are approaching out of compliance within 24 hours, and leads with a red icon are in out of compliance status.


Personal email

personal email is an email sent manually from the agent to one Contact. (See bulk email)

Personal task

A task added by an agent or broker to Zap. You can add a personal task using the Quick Add option in the left navigation panel.


This term refers to all agents, staff, and others who are working for the company and have access to Zap.

Pre-listing Client

These are Clients who have requested or completed a listing appointment with the agent.

Primary agent

The primary agent is the agent who is working with a customer and has access to their Contact’s website account, their ZapScore, and their search behavior.


A section of the Dashboard that includes all Contacts who are approaching Out of compliance status or are in Out of compliance status. This section will also include the agent’s designated Priority Contacts.

Priority Contact

A Contact for whom the agent has assigned a special date to be contacted is a Priority Contact. They will show up in Follow-ups under Priority on the Priority Date the agent has scheduled to contact them.

Priority Date

This is a specific date that an agent schedules to contact someone that may be different than the date recommended by Follow-ups.

Private note

A private note is a note entered about a property showing that is visible only to the agent. Agents can use this function to record notes about how the showing went – for example, features the client did or didn’t like about the property.

Profile notes

An agent can use profile notes in the Contact Summary to record general information about the Contact that they’d like to remember. Profile notes can be updated at any time.

Property Insights

Property Insights are short posts written by an agent describing a property they’ve toured. They are posted on Home Details pages and search results pages, and on the agent’s website home page.


Prospect is a Contact who has been on your platform for more than 30 days. After 30 days, a Lead will automatically become a Cold Prospect, an Unresponsive Prospect, or Responsive Prospect.


Quick Add

The Quick Add option in the left navigation panel on Zap allows the user to add a contact, a showing, or a personal task.

Quick Tags

Quick Tags are descriptive property features that an agent can quickly add to a listing using Agent Insights. Quick Tags give customers more information on the properties the agent has shown.


Reassigned Lead

Reassigned Leads are leads that have been moved to an agent by their manager or broker. These leads will remain in this Relationship for the first 30 days.


Every Contact is assigned a Relationship which determines how frequently agents will be reminded to contact them. Zap automatically assigns each Contact a Relationship based on what Zap knows about them, so agents don’t have to manually tag them. However, an agent can manually change the Relationship.


A feature coming soon – check back in Q1 2016!

Responsive Prospect

Responsive Prospect is a Prospect who’s talking to the agent. The agent has indicated “yes” when asked if they reached the Prospect while recording a phone call in Zap, or the Prospect has responded to one of the agent’s emails.


Personnel can be assigned different roles that give them different capabilities on Zap. For example, users with the Agent role have an agent website and the ability to add Contacts, and users with Content Manager roles can update the Script Library.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy focused on growing the visibility of a website in non-paid search engine results.

Secondary agent

The secondary agent is an agent who is not the Contact’s primary agent, but has added the Contact to Zap to maintain communication with them.

Service markets

Service markets are all of the markets in which a customer can search and continue to see the company and agent marketed. An agent can expand their list of service markets by having their broker add any additional markets that the company covers.

Showing Client

This is a Client who has requested or completed a showing with the agent.

Social module

The social module appears on company websites and allows the company to link social media profiles to the Zap website.

Starred Contacts

This is a list of all the Contacts an agent has marked as starred. Agents can star Contacts that they want to review daily to stay on top of.


Support is an option listed in the left navigation panel on Zap. It links users to the Community and the Knowledge Base. Support also refers to Zap’s Support Team – the team that answers questions and provides assistance on the Community.



This is the upper area of the Zap Dashboard where an agent can find new showing requests, requests for info, and personal tasks.

Touchpoint Note

Touchpoint Note is a way to keep track of any update or communication you’ve had with your clients that doesn’t fit into one of the phone call, email, or text message categories. You can add a Touchpoint Note via the Contact Profile to update your Contact, and that note will be stored in their History.

Transacting Client

Transacting Clients are Clients who are in escrow.


Unresponsive Prospect

An Unresponsive Prospect is a Prospect the agent hasn’t been able to reach by phone and/or one who hasn’t responded to the agent’s emails (yet!).


The web address, or the address that is typed into a browser to reach a website.


Vanity URL

vanity URL is a URL that agents can use to make it easier for people to remember their web address. Agents may purchase a vanity URL from a domain registrar and have it forward visitors to their Zap agent website.

Video module

The video module allows agents to add a YouTube video to their website. Agents can use a video to tell prospective clients about themselves and about what it would be like to work with them.


Watched Home Updates

Watched Home Updates are a type of email campaign. These are weekly emails that show a potential seller (or anyone interested in the value of their property) the 10 most recently listed and 10 most recently sold properties that are similar to their property. Consumers can opt to “watch” an off-market property to receive Watched Home Updates.


Your Accounts

A customer’s web account preferences, which are synced across desktop, mobile web, and mobile app. From Your Account, the customer can see their saved homes, saved searches, recently viewed homes, watched homes, and saved places. They can also adjust their account settings here.



The ZapScore is a number or ranking that reflects a Contact’s activity and engagement and is an indicator of the Contact’s readiness for an agent to reach out and contact them. The ZapScore algorithm is based on 15 years of consumer data and is calibrated daily to ensure its reliability.


The ZapStore is a marketplace within Zap that contains various applications and services for your real estate business.