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Understand the ProScore


ProScore is Back!

After an extended hiatus the ProScore has returned to Zap and is better than before! We’ve worked to improve the data used to calculate the ProScore which is resulting in better metrics and accurate rankings. Please review this entire article to better understand how the ProScore works, and how you can use it for your business.


Understand the ProScore 


The ProScore is a comprehensive measure of how well agents within a given company are utilizing Zap’s features to engage with their Contacts. As a broker or administrator, it can help you get a sense of what some of your top agents are doing to drive their success, and help you identify opportunities for improvement. Metrics are weighted based on historical data analysis over the last 90 days as well as how recent each agent activity occurred. This means the more recent the activity, the more weight it will carry in the overall ProScore ranking.


How the ProScore works


There are plenty of activities an agent can carry out in Zap that reflect their level of engagement with the platform and how well they’re using it to connect with clients and potential clients.


The ProScore works by taking some of the top metrics that reflect ideal Zap usage and ranking each agent within a company based on how active they are on Zap. This number is updated nightly, so it’s dynamic based on changes in agent activity within your company.


How to view agents’ ProScores


Make sure that you’re logged in as yourself (as a broker or admin) and not proxying as an agent. The ProScore is not visible to individual agents within your company.


  1. In the left navigation panel on Zap, click “Reporting” and select “ProScore” from the options provided.
  2. You’ll be taken to a page that lists each agent in your company by ProScore rank, where you can hover over each agent’s rank in blue for more information. To the right of the rank, you’ll see the different metrics that determine the agent’s rank. Scroll to the right to see how many times each agent has completed the action listed at the top of each column.
  3. You can sort the table using the arrows beside each column’s title – by name, by ascending or descending ProScore rank, or by ascending or descending activity on any given metric in the table.
  4. You can also use the filters at the top of the page to quickly find a specific agent’s ProScore, limit the data shown to the last 7, 30, or 90 days, or view only agents within a specific branch office. Please note: ProScore Rank is always based on the past 90 days, even when you change the timeframe for the ProScore data.



How to use the ProScore in your business


The ProScore is meant to help you get a sense of how well your agents are using the tools in Zap to build connections with their own Contacts and the leads they’re receiving from your company.


A great way to start is by looking at what your top-ranked agents are doing well. How many Property Insights have they written? How many logins do they have in the last 7 days? How many times have they recommended a search for their clients?


This should give you an idea of the areas where your lower-ranked agents can pick up their activity. You can also use the ProScore to get a sense of who can handle more leads and who may need more coaching.


While the ProScore doesn’t measure everything that an agent can possibly do to drive their success, it does include some of the strongest indicators of agent engagement and performance according to Zap’s data.