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Zap keeps a record of any transactions you’ve started and closed. We receive this information from your brokerage tool, Dash. However, to keep a holistic view of your data, you can link your transactions and contacts.




Link a transaction from the Contact Profile


1. From the left navigation, click Contacts.

2. Click a contact’s name to access their profile.

3. From the Business tab, locate Transactions. You may need to scroll down the page.


4. Click Add a Transaction.

5. Locate the transaction you’d like to link.



6. Click Select, and you’re done!


Link a contact from the Transactions page


1. From the left navigation, click Business.



2. Then, select Transactions. This will direct you to a table that lists all your transactions.

3. Search or locate a transaction. Click Link Contact.


4. You have two options to link a contact.


  • Search for an existing contact by name.
  1. Type in the contact’s name and then select from the dropdown.
  2. Indicate whether the contact was a buyer or seller.
  3. Click Save.


  •  Add a new contact.
  1. Click Add New Contact.
  2. Enter required fields (First Name, Last Name, Client Type, Email Address OR Phone Number, Lead Source).
  3. Click Continue.

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