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Step 3: Engage


Studies show that agents who login to Zap everyday see an increase in productivity.


The Zap 90-day plan provides ideas on how to increase your agents’ Zap usage while ensuring that they understand how Zap drives their business success.


Zap 90-Day Plan

Create a series of activities to engage your agents and improve their Zap usage. Feel free to customize this plan as you see fit.

Zap 90-Day Plan


Stay organized

Zap helps agents prioritize activities, focus on important tasks, and stay organized on their leads and lead management.


Build stronger relationships

Encourage agents to use these Zap tools to build strong, lasting relationships.


Grow your business

Agents can manage existing clients and land more referrals and business using these tools in Zap.


Increase your web presence

Zap provides agent and company websites.  Be sure you and your agents have access to your personal websites.

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