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Step 2: Strategize

Learn how Zap can help you increase your productivity, keep track of information, and build stronger relationships.


Stay organized


No more lost sticky notes—Zap can store your client information. The Contact Profile has everything you need to know, and with the mobile app, you can access this information on the go.

Use Zap filters to quickly find clients and send group communications. Zap’s dashboard helps you prioritize your daily tasks and stay up to date on your leads.


Build stronger relationships


Zap makes your service stick, so your clients stick with you. We have tools for you to communicate with any range of clients. Browse our pre-made Follow-up Plans and adjust them to your client needs. With various emails and drip campaigns, it’s easy to stay top of mind.


Grow your business


Find clients who are ready for business now, and nurture leads who will be ready in the future. Zap allows you to quickly identify contacts who are ready to buy or sell and stay connected with them. When your contacts are ready for business, you’re the first person they’ll call.


Increase your web presence


Buyers and sellers often turn to the web to find agents. Zap provides you with a website that helps you stand out from the rest. Optimize your search engine optimization (SEO) to drive even more traffic.



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