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Solutions to Common Problems


Why can’t I find my name under MLS Memberships on the Account Settings page?

Do you have an active listing?  If no, we are unable to map you to your MLS.  But as soon as you have an active listing, you can come back here and find yourself to sync up your MLS.  All of your customers will still be able to access all of the listings in your MLS.  This only affects the featured listings module on your homepage, which shows your active listings.


Why aren’t my listings being displayed on my homepage?  

Did you add your MLS membership on the Account Settings page?  This is how we are able to map you with your listings.

Do you have any areas served (ZIP codes) in LeadRouter? If no, make sure those are added, so that we can properly display your listings on your website.

Are your listings active?  We don’t show listings that are pending or sold in this module.

Do you have team listings?  At this time we can only display listings on the primary listing agent’s homepage.


How can I change the phone number or email address that is displayed on my agent website?

This information is fed into Zap from dash.  You’ll have to ask your broker to update these for you.  If the information isn’t flowing into Zap from dash, your broker can go to your Personnel Profile and click on the button to “Refresh Personnel Data”.


Why don’t I have a website?

To have an agent website, you need to have an agent role in Zap, and you need to have assigned ZIP codes in LeadRouter.  In addition, on your Personnel Profile, your “Show on Website” toggle needs to be turned on.  Your broker can assist with all of these things.


How do I delete a lead?

If you want to remove a lead and return it to your broker, you can “Remove from Contacts”.  If you created a test account and want to remove it, but you don’t want to send it to your broker, you should just leave it in Zap. Currently there isn’t a “delete” feature.


When I added a contact, why wasn’t I able to send a welcome email?

If you add a contact that already has a website account with another agent, you won’t be able to send out the welcome email (with a link to the website account).  For more info on primary vs secondary contacts, please see this article.


Zap isn’t working for me – maybe it’s my browser?

We support the two latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, and the latest version of Safari.  Zap should run fine on tablets and desktop but won’t work correctly on your phone. Download the mobile Zap CRM app for iPhoneDownload the mobile Zap CRM app for Android!

How do I remove a review?

Negative reviews aren’t removed, unless they are abusive.  You can flag abusive reviews and if they are found to be abusive they will be removed.  If you don’t want to display all reviews (good and bad), you can use Testimonials instead of Reviews.

How do I show testimonials?

If you’d like to display testimonials on your website, instead of Reviews, you’ll want to select the Testimonials option in Zap on My Website and then manually add your testimonials to Zap. 

How long can it take for changes made in Zap to be reflected on the website?

Most of the changes you make via the My Website page should show up on your consumer website immediately. However, some things, like your cover photo or agent photo, can take a bit longer – up to an hour.  If it’s saved in Zap, it will update the website. You may just need to be a little patient for it.

Why are emails from my customers not getting to me?

It’s possible that your email provider may be blocking these emails from coming through to you. If your company provides you with an email account, your email server administrator may need to adjust the IP settings for your email server.  Make sure that your email server admin adds the following IP addresses (Zap’s IP addresses) to your email server:


Why is my phone number appearing distorted on My Website?

If your phone number is showing similar to this 12.3-4.56-.7890 on Zap please have your office admin update it in dash. Remove any dashes or extra characters and only leave the 10-digit phone number(ex. 1234567890). If your number is missing then have your office admin add it within dash (minus any punctuation, like dashes or parentheses).