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Showing Requests


Quickly responding to a Showing Request from a customer can make all the difference in getting their business.  You can set yourself up to receive notifications when Showing Requests come in.  See Lead and Notification Settings for more info.



View, complete or cancel a Showing Request


  1. Click Requests from your Dashboard.
  2. From the Actions menu on the right of each request, you can view, complete or cancel the Showing Request.
    1. View: View property information on the left side of your screen, requester, and listing agent information. You can schedule or complete a showing from here.
    2. Complete: When you have completed the showing, you have the option to submit a Property Insight on the home to gain exposure. This will remove the Showing Request from your Dashboard.
    3. Cancel: Cancel a showing by selecting Cancel from the Actions menu.
  3. You can always click on the Contact name to take you to Contact Profile, where you can call or email your customer to make an appointment.


Look up Showing Requests


You may want to find a Showing Request that you have responded to, or scheduled, to follow up with the customer, or update your records.  Follow these steps:


  1. Click on Business, in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Select Requests and filter by Showing Requests.
  3. You can search by property address, or Contact name. You can also filter the list by status and time frame.
  4. Once you’ve located the Showing Request, click View.
  5. Update the status by marking it as Schedule, Complete or Cancel, and save.

If you have updated the status to Complete, you’ll have the opportunity to add Property Insights on the right side of the screen.  Learn more about Agent Insights.