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Your agent website is an excellent resource for your customers to learn more about you and get in touch. Get started by setting up your basic customizations or check out Personalize your website for more.


Your Zap agent website is the go-to resource for your customers. It offers just what they’re looking for – detailed home search information, a personalized search experience, and easy access to you and your expertise. Your website will also let prospective clients know what it’s like to work with you and how you can help them whether they’re buying or selling.



Thorough Home Search Information


Whether your customers are just beginning their home search or they’re deep in the process, they’ll be able to access valuable information and resources using your Zap agent website.


Customers can begin a new search right from your website’s homepage by typing their city or neighborhood into the search bar. They’ll be able to make their home search experience their own with customization options that allow them to define both broad and specific criteria. Your customer can save their favorite homes and save searches. They can also see homes on a variety of map views, find helpful information about the area, and get a sense of the neighborhood they’re searching in.


Your website is also equipped for connected search across desktop and mobile, so your customers can use your website to find homes on all of their devices and save their home search data in one convenient place. Saved homes, saved searches, recently viewed homes, and all of their preferences sync across devices, so they’ll be able to effortlessly pick up their home search wherever they left it.


Because your website is linked to all of the MLS’s that your company belongs to, customers will be able to search for all available properties in the MLS. The listings are updated as frequently as your MLS allows, which could be as often as every fifteen minutes. This makes your website a valuable resource to today’s consumers, who want to make sure they have the most accurate and up-to-date listing information available.


Once a customer has found a home they like, it’s easy for them to send you a request for information or schedule a showing with you. Throughout their time on your website, you’ll be gaining insight on their search preferences so that when they do reach out, you’re well-prepared to meet their needs.



A Detailed Portrait of You


Your website is not only an excellent resource for your customers – it’s also a great opportunity to market yourself. Start by making sure your website conveys who you are with a photo of yourself and an About Me section that makes you stand out to potential clients.


Your About Me section is a buyer or seller’s first look at what kind of an agent you are. Highlight your areas of expertise, convey your personality, and let potential clients know what it would be like to work with you.


If you want to give potential clients an even more personal look at what it’s like to work with you, include an agent video. A video can provide an excellent sense of your personality and your real estate experience.


Social media can be a great way to build professional relationships that endure from your first encounters with a customer until long after their closed transaction. Keep up-to-date with your customers by linking your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts to your Zap agent website.


Your agent website will also allow you to share your experience, list your credentials and memberships, and highlight your community involvement. These sections create a well-rounded portrait of you as a real estate professional and give your potential clients a sense of who you are as a person. Use them to create a connection with your customers.



Display Your Expertise


Once you’ve told potential clients a bit about yourself, your Zap website also gives you the tools to let them see what you’re like as an agent in practice. There are plenty of opportunities for you to build your credibility and show off your local expertise to your prospective clients.


Your website is linked to your MLS, so your active listings are displayed on your homepage. Displaying these gives customers a look at the type of properties you’re listing, and it can speak to your credibility and real estate know-how.


You can also give potential clients a look at what you’re like in action with Agent Reviews and Agent Insights. These features offer tons of value for you and your customers, giving them multiple vantage points on you as an agent.


Agent Reviews are transparent, authentic, and a great way to highlight your professionalism. You can collect reviews through Zap, receive star ratings and comments from clients in your Contact Pool, and display the reviews on your website. Reviews help you market yourself and show off your skill as an agent – and they also provide your potential clients with reassurance that you can provide the service they need.


Zap’s Agent Insights also offer the double benefit of valuable information for your customers and effective marketing for yourself. Agent Insights are Quick Tags and comments that you post after completing a showing or touring a property. Use Agent Insights to tell customers more about the property than they could learn from the property’s details page alone – the additional information can help a customer decide whether the home is right for them. Your Agent Insights will be featured on your website’s homepage, highlighting your local market expertise and your personality – two factors that can make all the difference in getting potential clients more inclined to work with you.


Your agent website combines credibility, functionality, and personality to help you turn visitors into clients. When you’re ready to start customizing, head into Zap and get set up in no time.