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Set up and manage your agents

Make sure that leads are flowing to your agents whenever and wherever they should be. Each of your agents will have a set of service markets – which are geographic areas in which their customers can browse the website and continue to see their branding. They’ll also have a set of lead ZIP codes – ZIP codes in which the agent can receive new leads through the company website.


You can check out an agent’s service markets and lead ZIP codes via their Personnel Profile – just do a search for personnel using the search bar at the top of your CRM’s screen and type in the agent’s name.



Next, you should get a solid sense of how leads flow through Zap to your agents – that way, you’ll be able to answer their questions and help them stay on track to receive leads and keep up with each of them.


Your agents may also have questions about how they can keep their leads up to date – so we’ve got a short video that goes over some of the common ways to do so.