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Primary and secondary agent

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In Zap, you’ll be designated as the Primary or Secondary Agent for any Contact on your platform. This is your Agent Status. Your ability to access that Contact’s website account and detailed information about their website activity depends on whether your Agent Status is Primary or Secondary. 


What’s the difference between Primary and Secondary Agent Status?


If you’re the Primary Agent for a Contact, this Contact is assigned to work with you. You’ll have access to their website account, their ZapScore, and their search behavior. Zap only allows the customer’s website account to be assigned to one agent in your company for a given area.





If you’re the Secondary Agent for a Contact, that Contact is assigned to work with another agent. This means you won’t have access to their website account or search activity, and you won’t be able to use Zap to call or email the Contact.



You’ll see an icon right beneath their name indicating that you’re the Contact’s Secondary Agent. There will be a padlock symbol where their ZapScore would usually appear. You won’t be able to view details on their ZapScore activity on the Contact Profile page or to sign in as the Contact using the Actions menu.


How is Agent Status determined?


Your Agent Status depends on whether another agent in your company has already been assigned to work with a customer once they enter the system. Contacts can end up on your platform either through LeadRouter’s assignment or when you add them into Zap.
  • If you’re assigned a new lead through LeadRouter, you’ll be the Primary Agent for that Contact.
  • If you’re the first agent within your company to manually add a Contact to Zap, you’ll be the Primary Agent.
  • If you manually add a Contact into Zap who is already assigned to another agent in your company, you’ll be the Secondary Agent.


How do I switch from Secondary Agent to Primary Agent for a Contact?


If you’d like to be the Primary Agent for a Contact but you currently have Secondary Agent status, you can reach out to your broker or admin and ask to have the Contact’s account changed to you. They can move Primary Agent status to you from another agent, and you will have access to the Contact’s website account and activity.

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