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Manage MLS memberships


As an admin, you can manage MLS memberships for agents within your company—which helps ensure that those agents are linked with their listings in Zap.


A note on how Zap matches agents

We link agents with MLS memberships in order to market those agents on their own listings. Zap can often do this automatically based on an agent’s name and contact information—but if not, both agents themselves and admins can manually link MLS memberships.

However, Zap needs an active listing associated with the agent in order to link them with an MLS membership. Keep this in mind if you’re attempting to link an agent with their MLS membership and not seeing any results.


Viewing and linking MLS memberships for your agents

To manage MLS memberships for your agents, first click “Manage” in the left navigation panel, and then select “MLS Memberships” from the menu. You’ll see a list of agents, which includes their contact information, branch office, any MLS memberships their account is linked with, and a button to either link a new MLS membership or edit an existing membership.

  1. To find a specific agent, click into the field labeled “Search by Name” and type in the agent’s name. You can also use filters to find agents in a particular branch or to find agents based on whether or not they already have an MLS membership linked with their Zap account.
  2. If you see an agent with an orange “unlinked” tag next to their name, you might want to link an MLS membership with their account. Click the blue “Link MLS” button to do so.
    1. Type in the agent’s name, phone number, email address, or MLS agent ID, if you know it. Click the magnifying glass icon to search.
    2. You’ll see any matching results below the search bar. Verify that the information listed there is correct. If it is, click the checkbox to the left of the agent’s name, and then click the blue “Save” button.

If you have an agent with more than one MLS membership (or an agent who’s linked with an incorrect MLS membership), you’ll be able to edit and additional MLS memberships for them.

  1. Any agent who has information in the column titled “MLS Memberships” has already been linked with an MLS membership. Click the blue “Edit MLS” button to make a change or add an additional membership.

a. You’ll see a screen pop up with the agent’s name in the top left corner. In the top right, you’ll see the agent’s existing linked MLS memberships. If the name of the MLS or the ID is incorrect for that agent, click “Unlink” to remove that MLS membership.

b. To add a new MLS membership for the agent, follow the same steps above.



Attached to this article, you’ll find a one-page guide to understanding how your MLS memberships integrate with Zap. You’ll also find an Excel document with a list of the MLS’s that Zap integrates with, and whether or not they’re internalized by Zap.

MLS Product FAQ_1.1 (PDF)

March 2020 Internalized MLS List (PDF)