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LeadRouter℠ Administration


LeadRouter Group Training


Get more information on LeadRouter live training classes on Business Rules Administration and Lead Assignment and Monitoring by viewing the attachments below. Links to register and download recordings are included.


LeadRouter Video Resources


Do you need a quick reference or review for a LeadRouter Setting or task?  We have video resources that can help answer your questions how to update a LeadRouter Setting, or complete an important task.  Click on the links below for videos showing you how to master parts of the LeadRouter system:


LeadRouter Settings Menu


  • Groups: Customize agent groups to work specific lead sources.  This video describes how the Administrator can add, edit, and assign agents to groups in LeadRouter.
  • UsersFind a list of all your active Users and update their information.  This video describes how the Administrator can edit the General through Offices tabs for each User to ensure they are properly set up to receive leads.
  • Sources: Customize routing leads by source, or apply same routing protocols for all sources including items such as agent claim times, agent rotation, agent reporting responsibilities, and more.  This video describes how the Administrator can make these changes.
  • AreasWant to make sure agents get leads where they work and play? The new “Mapping” feature allows Administrators to view maps or lists of Area Zip Codes to make assignments to agents.  This video demonstrates how to assign coverage areas to agents.


LeadRouter Tasks


  • Dashboard Navigation: This video shows how to navigate the Administrator dashboard and find your way around LeadRouter.
  • Monitor Leads (Menu) & Lead Analysis: Find all your leads by status, or as one group based on today, last seven or 30 days, or since your company has been on the LeadRouter system. This video describes how to analyze a lead by reviewing the contact information, lead information, routing criteria, Admin information, listing information, and history including routing and notes. 
  • Take-Action on a LeadHow do you manage leads needing attention, route leads to a specific agent, or work with halted and delayed leads?  This video demonstrates the actions an Administrator needs to know to keep the LeadRouter dashboard clear from leads returned by agents, or halted because agents are not available to accept leads.


You can get the latest flyers from the LeadRouter Materials folder here.