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Lead Performance Reporting


Use lead performance reporting in Zap to get an overview of how your leads are converting.


Narrowing down your reports


At the top of the page, you’ll see a field with a date range. Your reporting view is defaulted to be year to date, but you can customize the date range. Just click into the field, then select from the drop-down menu. You can view your lead performance over a custom date range, year to date, the last quarter, the last month, the last week, or the entirety of the time you’ve been on Zap.


If you want to use a custom date range, first select custom from the drop-down menu. Then, click into the date fields and either type in a date (YYYY/MM/DD format) – or just select dates using the calendar.

You can also narrow down the types of leads you’re viewing reports for – click into the next drop-down menu that says “All lead types” to narrow it down to agent leads or broker leads. You can also narrow it down by lead source to only see leads from ZapLeads, if you or your broker is participating.


Overall Activity


Take a look at what your Contacts have done over the time frame you’ve selected under “Overall Activity”. You can view:

  • Number of leads who registered on your app or website
  • Number of closed and pending transactions recorded
    • These need to be linked in Zap to show up here. Make sure that you’re linking your transactions to Contacts to keep your reports as accurate as possible!
  • Number of Showing Requests submitted
  • Number of Requests for Info submitted
  • Number of leads with high ZapScores
  • Number of leads marked bogus


Interpreting the Activity Chart


The chart at the bottom of the page will give you a visual representation of the activity of your Contacts over your selected time period.

You can check out the “Cumulative” view – which will let you see your Contacts’ changes in activity over time. Or you can click “Actual” – this graph will show exactly how many actions your Contacts have taken on a given day, week, or month (select a time breakdown from the buttons to the upper right of the graph).