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Lead and Notification Settings

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Confirm your contact information for notifications, and adjust your overall lead and notification settings.


Contact Information


Make sure that Zap has the best phone number and email address to reach you to send you new leads and notifications.


    1. First, click on your name in the top navigation menu, then select Lead and Notification Settings.
    2. Under Contact Information, you’ll see fields for your phone number and an email address. If these are incorrect or missing, type your correct phone number and email address into the appropriate boxes.
    3. Click Save down at the bottom of the page.



Lead Acceptance Settings


Text Notifications


You will receive a phone call to alert you to a new lead that the system is sending you. If you miss the call, and your company is using claim times, you can receive a text (as well as email and voicemail) notification which will allow you to reply to accept the lead. If you’d like to receive these text messages, switch the toggle labeled “Texts on?” from grey to green.


Availability for Leads


You can set the days and times that you are available to receive leads. To do so, follow these steps.


    1. Go to your Lead and Notification Settings page and look for the green or gray toggles under Lead Acceptance Settings. For each day of the week that you are available to receive leads, confirm that the toggle is set to green. Click on the toggle to change from grey to green.
    2. To the right of each toggle, you’ll see a field for your start time and end time – the earliest and latest times you’ll receive calls with new leads on that particular day. Use the drop down menus to edit the times. You may receive calls, emails and texts during this timeframe.
    3. Click Save down at the bottom of the page.


Manual Lead Welcome Email



When you add a new Contact to Zap, you can send them a welcome email encouraging them to get started using your website. You can also resend this email from the Contact Profile for your Contact at a later date.


In the field under Manual Lead Welcome Email, you can modify the default message included in this email.


Auto Lead Welcome Email


New and reassigned leads that come into Zap from an external, non-Zap website can also receive a welcome email so that they can get started on your Zap site. To turn this automatic email on or off, use the toggle under Auto Lead Welcome Email.




You can manually send the welcome email, or resend the welcome email.  From the Contact Profile, click on Actions, then Send Welcome Email.  You’ll have the opportunity to edit the message to your Contact.





Notification Settings


In addition to notifications of new leads for you to accept, you can also receive notifications from Zap, including:

  • new lead assignment
  • reassigned leads
  • requests for info
  • showing requests
  • listing appointment requests
  • Zap news and updates
  • and notifications when your Contact is searching outside of your website’s coverage area.


You can confirm that these are turned on or turn them off using the toggles to the right of each item. Click on the toggle to switch the notification on (green) or off (gray).


You can also elect the way that you want to receive the notification. To the right of the toggles, select the notification method you prefer: email and text message, email only, or text message only.

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