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Connected Search


Today’s consumer expects more from their online home search. When a customer is looking for real estate properties and services, they don’t just want information. They want accurate, up-to-date, personalized information, when and where they need it. Your Zap website’s connected search capabilities make sure your potential clients are receiving thorough, customized information wherever they’re seeking it out.


Seamless and Simple


Today’s real estate consumer is searching on multiple devices. In fact, consumers who use both mobile and desktop tools in their home search are more likely to visit homes in person and to close a transaction. Because these potential clients are so valuable to your business, your Zap website is set up to make their experience as seamless and as simple as possible, no matter how many screens they’re working with.


Once a customer sets up an account on your website, it’s easy for them to access their preferences, searches, and homes on any device. They can begin searching at home on their laptop and sign in to your mobile website to keep searching on the go. Whenever your customer saves a home, narrows their search criteria, begins watching a home, or changes their preferences, they can expect to see their updates reflected as soon as they switch screens.



Personalized and Customized


Today’s connected consumer wants a tailored online experience that meets their individual needs and desires. This is especially important in the business of real estate. There are few things more personal than a home – and your Zap website offers your customers the chance to personalize each aspect of their home search.


The ability to carefully filter search results helps your customer focus on the homes that have what they’re looking for. From basic criteria like price ranges and number of bedrooms to metro-specific filters like parking options and heating and cooling features, your website can make sure your customer is getting information that’s relevant for their individual home search.


Customers can also use the interactive map tool to make the home search experience their own. They’ll be able to choose between satellite, road, bird’s eye, and street level views of the neighborhood they’re exploring. They can draw their own map boundaries to define an area they’d like to search in, see their saved homes highlighted on the map, and see which homes they’ve already viewed. Your customers can even add their own saved places to the map, so they can see each potential home’s distance from schools, workplaces, grocery stores, or anywhere else they happen to frequent.


A fully personalized search experience enhances your website’s value for your customer. You’re not just offering them an information-rich search – you’re showing them exactly what that information means for them and their future home.



Up-to-Date and Accurate


Your Zap website is connected to your MLS, so new listings are added to the website as often as every 15 minutes. When customers browse your website, they can be sure they’re receiving the most up-to-date home search information available. Your customers can also receive alerts as soon as new listings are added to the MLS, so they’re as current as you are. You’ll be able to see if your customer is receiving New Listing Alerts for a specific set of search criteria, so both you and your customer can save time and remain on the same page.



Knowledgeable and Responsive


Today’s consumer seeks out real estate information online and is informed when they reach out to an agent – but that doesn’t mean they want to replace agents’ expertise. Consumers want knowledgeable agents who can offer valuable guidance and respond to their specific needs. Connected searches help you display the kind of expertise and responsiveness today’s consumers are looking for in a real estate professional.


With Zap, “connected search” doesn’t just mean your customer’s search preferences are synced across their devices – it also means agents can access valuable insight into their customer’s searches and the homes they’re most interested in. Agents can save a search for their customers, see their saved searches, and suggest homes for them based on their criteria. Not only does this keep agents and customers on the same page; it also allows the agent to highlight valuable local expertise.


Consumers also want responsiveness from any service. They want to know that agents are ready to answer their questions, make suggestions, and offer insight that only a real estate professional can provide. Agents get notifications when a potential client requests information or requests a showing, so they can respond quickly and efficiently, building trust with users.



Today’s consumers are looking for an engaging, modern home search experience – and your Zap website is where they’ll find it. Connected search meets all your customers’ needs while giving you the insight you need to provide excellent service. It’s just one of the many ways Zap helps you do better business.