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Company Websites


Your Zap company website offers your customers a central resource for their real estate needs. With a user-friendly design, features that help distinguish your company, and valuable home search tools, your website is built to give your customers everything they need, when and where they need it.



Superior Home Search Tools


Your customer’s need for real estate services is what brings them your company website. A home search experience that anticipates and meets your customer’s needs is what keeps them coming back. Wherever your customers are in their home search process, your website is set up to make their experience as thorough and as easy as possible.


Customers can begin a new search directly from your website’s search bar, which can suggest cities, neighborhoods, addresses, and MLS numbers. Once they’ve begun a search, your customer receives a combination of thorough local information and detailed filtering abilities to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.


Your website’s Featured Listings section makes it easy for your customer to get a glimpse of potential homes before they even begin searching. Customers can scroll through your company’s 9 most recently listed properties right from your homepage. If they see a property they like, they can view the home’s details, request a tour, and contact one of your agents in minutes. They can also use your Areas Served module to quickly begin a search for homes in the cities your company has the most listings in.


If your customers are returning to their home search, your company website is ready to meet them where they left off. Connected searches sync your customer’s search experience across desktop and mobile, so they can view homes, save homes, and save their search criteria from any device. If a customer picks up a search they began on their phone from their computer, they’ll be able to see the homes they’ve saved and even the homes they’ve viewed recently by clicking on Your Account.



Stand Out and Spark Interest


Use the tools at your disposal to customize your company website so that you stand out to customers and communicate the key characteristics of your company. Your headline and cover photo give potential clients a first look at your company’s branding and overall personality. Your About Us section is a great place to communicate with customers – let them know what your company does best, what sets you apart, and how you provide the service they need.


Your company website also allows you to provide your visitors with content that sparks their interest in your services and helps to turn them into clients. You’ll be able to let customers know about upcoming open houses that may be of interest to them right from your homepage. Your website is also set up to feature an agent within your company on a random basis, so potential clients know you have a team of professionals that they can reach out to as soon as they’re ready to get more information or request a showing.


You can help potential clients learn more about your company by linking them to your social media profiles. Your Zap website highlights your company’s social media presence with links to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and Yelp profiles. Keep customers engaged and connected with your company by sharing valuable real estate information on social media and linking back to your website.


Your website offers your customers information to help them build a big picture view of your company, but your essential details don’t get buried in the process. Customers can easily find all the basic information – your company’s phone number, office addresses and phone numbers, and the areas your company serves are all accessible from the homepage.



User-Friendly Design


Today’s consumer wants a seamless online experience and control. Your customers appreciate simple ways to personalize their experience, easy access to the home search information they need, and an easy way to act upon it when they find what they’re looking for.


Whether it’s through suggestions in the search bar, the ease of finding and contacting an agent, or the ability to tailor search results, your company website is designed to give your customer an ideal experience.



You already know your company has the services consumers want and need. Let your customers know and help them access them with your Zap company website. Your website is already set up to be user-friendly, thorough, and personalized for every customer – all you need to do is distinguish your company. When you’re ready to start customizing your company’s website, use the Company Configuration page in Zap.