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Bulk Email


Reach out to a large group of your Contacts at once with the same message using the bulk email feature.

How to send bulk emails

  1. Click on “Contacts” in the left navigation panel in Zap.
  2. From this list view of your Contacts, you have a few options.
    1. You can click “Filters” to narrow your list based on specific Contact traits such as last login, Status, custom tags, and much more. Once you’ve applied the filters, select the checkbox above the list of names to select everyone. You can individually remove a Contact by unchecking the box to the left of their name.
    2. If you’re emailing a small group, you can individually check the boxes beside each Contact’s name to add them to the list of recipients for this list.
    3. If you want to email everyone (or almost everyone), you can click the checkbox above the list of your Contacts to select all of your Contacts. If you’d like, you can individually remove Contacts by unchecking the box beside a name.
  3. Once you’ve finalized recipients, click “Bulk Actions” and select “Email”.
  4. You’ll see a screen where you can write an email just as you do in the Contact Summary, with the ability to stylize your text, include links, embed images, and even fill in things like your Contact’s name or the name of your company.
    1. If you’d like, you can also select an existing email script to send out. Just click “Select Email Script” on the right side of the email composer and select the script that you’d like to use. You can make tweaks to it if you’d like!
  5. Once you’ve got the content of your message right, click “Review Contacts” in the bottom right. You’ll see a list of everyone who your message will be sent to – which will only include your Primary Contacts who have email addresses in Zap.
    1. Contacts have the option to opt out of bulk and automated emails. Anyone who has opted out will be listed on the right and won’t be sent the message. Click the “X” on the left to remove anyone you’ve changed your mind about contacting, or click “+ Add another Contact” to add anyone you’ve missed.
  6. Once your Contact list is refined, click “Send Email”. Depending on how many emails you’re sending, they should all arrive within an hour.


What does it mean if someone has opted-out of bulk emails?

In order to keep messages in line with consumer preferences, all bulk emails and automated emails include a small link in the footer to unsubscribe. If your Contact has chosen to unsubscribe, they can still receive your individually-sent emails, but won’t receive emails you send through the Bulk Actions menu or automated emails within your Follow-up Plans. Note: Only your customer can decide whether they want to opt out or opt back in to bulk email, and they can do so from the Email Preferences page under Account Settings on your consumer website. In order to respect consumer email preferences, agents can’t access this page on their customer’s behalf.