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Bulk actions

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Bulk actions let you perform actions for a large group of contacts at once:

1. Click Contacts on the left navigation panel in Zap.

2. To select contacts for a bulk action, you have a few options:

  • Use the checkboxes to the left of your contact’s names to select or deselect contacts.
  • Click Filters to filter out the contacts you need. Select the checkbox above your contact names to select all. Remove any individual contact by unchecking the box by their name.

3. Click Bulk Actions. Then, select your bulk action of choice.


Email: Send an email to several of your contacts at once, as long as they haven’t opted out of bulk emails.*



We give consumers the option to opt out from bulk and automated emails. If your contact has unsubscribed, they will no longer receive bulk emails you send from the Bulk Actions menu or automated emails from Follow-up Plans. They will, however, continue to receive any personal emails you send.  Note: In order to respect our customers, we do not allow to access the email preferences page on their contact’s behalf.


Tag: Set up a suggested or custom tag for your contacts.


Status: Change the status of your contacts. This may change the frequency at which you need to update compliance for those contacts.


Share website: This sends an email to your contacts, with a link to your agent website.


Share mobile app: This sends an email to your contacts, with a link to your mobile app.


Export: Export your contacts to a CSV file.


Delete: Delete your contacts.


Follow-up Plan: Assign your contacts to a Follow-up Plan.

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