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Adjust company and agent coverage areas


On the Company Configurations page, you can confirm that your company website is set up to allow you to serve your customers where you want to, and find out where your agents are assigned to receive new leads.


Just click Configurations in the left navigation panel, find your company, and select Markets from the menu at the top of your screen.


You’ll see a list of the markets associated with your company. A market is a large geographic area consisting of multiple ZIP codes that Zap has grouped together. Each market has a status tag that tells you whether you have the market turned on for your company or not. If you need to turn a market on for your company, contact your helpdesk to direct the request to the MLS Management team.


Click to expand a market, and you’ll see information about how much of that market your agents cover in terms of new lead assignment and servicing customers as they search throughout the area.


  1. The section of the table labeled “Agents eligible for new leads” will show what percentage of this market’s ZIP codes your agents are assigned to receive new leads in. Click the blue link that tells you how many agents cover ZIP codes in the market to see exactly which ZIP codes each agent is assigned to receive leads in.
  2. The section labeled “ZIP codes assigned to your agents” includes every ZIP code where you have one or more agents assigned to receive new leads. “Unassigned ZIP codes” includes all ZIP codes in the market that you do not have agents assigned to. Leads in these Unassigned ZIP codes will route using the “Unknown” area in LeadRouter.  You will want to make sure that you have agents assigned to the “Unknown” area that are willing to take these types of leads. Please be sure to review your “Unknown” area assignments and add any agents as needed. This can be done in LeadRouter by going to LeadRouter Settings > Areas > ~Unknown > EditIf there is a ZIP code on the list in which you’d like one of your agents to receive new leads, assign that ZIP code to an agent in LeadRouter.

    Unknown Area Assignments

  3. The section labeled “Agents who can service existing customers” will let you know which of your agents have this market turned on as a service market. Click the linked text in this section to see the full list of those agents. If an agent appears in this list, that means that customers on that agent’s website can search in that market and continue to see the agent marketed as their local agent. If there’s an agent who should have this market turned on as a service market, use the search bar to search Personnel, type in their name, and then modify their service markets via their Personnel Profile.
  4. The section labeled “MLS” provides a list of Multiple Listing Services within this market. You’ll see the name, the number of listings in that MLS, and whether Zap has that MLS associated with your company (whether it’s “mapped” to Zap). If there is an MLS that is not mapped to Zap and should be, contact your helpdesk to direct the request to the MLS Membership Management team.

Adjust an individual agent’s coverage area

If you’d like to change an individual agent’s coverage area, you can do so using their Personnel Profile. Go to the search bar in the top navigation menu, select “Personnel” from the drop down menu to the left of the bar, and type in your agent’s name.


Adjust the ZIP codes where an agent receives leads

Once you’re on the agent’s Personnel Profile, select “Lead ZIP Codes” at the top of the page. You’ll see a list of the markets that include ZIP codes your agent is assigned to receive new leads in. The two columns to the right of the market will let you know how many ZIP codes within the market are assigned to your agent, and how many are unassigned for your agent. You’ll also see a status tag that will let you know whether the agent is receiving new leads from any of the ZIP codes within the market. If the status is “on,” the agent has at least one assigned ZIP code within the area. Expand the market to see every assigned and unassigned ZIP code.


If you’d like to make any changes, you can go to LeadRouter and either assign ZIP codes or remove ZIP codes from your agent’s assigned ZIP codes.


Adjust an agent’s service markets

Your agent also has a set of service markets – markets in which your agent’s website is set up for them to service customers. Customers searching within any of your agent’s service markets will see that agent marketed, and their requests and activity data will flow into the agent’s CRM.


You’ll see two options – you can allow your agent to service all of your company’s service markets, or you can choose individual markets within your company’s coverage area for this particular agent. To do so, select “configure your agent’s service markets” from the menu on their Personnel Profile, and toggle the markets on and off.

If a market is turned off for your agent, customers searching in that market may see other agents once they begin searching in that area.


If you encounter a status tag that reads “Company Off,” or a toggle with a lock on it, this means that this market is turned off for your company, and neither your agents nor your company will be marketed in this area.