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A guide to Zap’s information sources


Zap brings in data from many sources. Here’s a handy guide to help you keep track of what’s coming from where.


Where does Zap get…

  • My name?
    • dash. If your name is spelled wrong or needs an update, your broker or admin should update it in dash. They’ll want to make sure the field labeled “Familiar Name” and the field labeled “Last Name” in dash exactly match how you want your first and last name to appear in Zap, and then “Refresh Personnel Data” on your Personnel Profile in Zap.
  • My phone number?
    • dash. If your phone number is wrong or your phone number’s formatting looks off in Zap, have your broker or admin update it in dash. They’ll need to include just the 10-digit number with no dashes or other characters.
  • My real estate license number/agent photo/personal statement?
    • dash. Zap will pull information and content stored in dash for all of these. Ask your broker to help you if your license number is missing or wrong. As for your personal statement and agent photo, you can change those right in Zap.
  • My lead ZIP codes?
    • LeadRouter. Your broker can assign and remove ZIP codes for you in LeadRouter – learn more here.
  • My service markets?
    • LeadRouter.  The ZIP codes you have been assigned in LeadRouter tell Zap which service markets to enable for you.  Your broker can toggle additional service markets on for you from the Personnel Profile in Zap.
  • The listings in my featured listings module?
    • Your MLS. If you have active listings and your MLS linked via your Account Settings page, your listings should show up here. Learn more.
  • My transaction data?
    • dash. You’ll find transactions associated with your account under the Business tab in Zap.
  • My email address?
    • The email address that replies are sent to is your Business Email in dash, which your broker can update for you. Your emails sent through Zap will come from an address that Zap has created for you. Learn more in our Knowledge Base article.


If you manage a company, Zap pulls data on your company from a few sources as well. You can get familiar with them below!


Where does Zap get…

  • My company service markets?
    • These are set up for you during your initial Zap launch by the Zap deployment team. You can view them, make company-wide adjustments, and get in touch with the deployment team if you see something missing or in need of changes. Learn more.
  • My company MLS memberships?
    • These are also set up for you by the Zap deployment team when your company launches.   You can review your MLS memberships on the Company Configuration page – learn more in our Knowledge Base article.
  • My company’s open houses?
    • Your MLS. Zap pulls active listings with open house information available directly from your company’s MLS.
  • My company’s featured listings?
    • Your MLS. The featured listings module on your company’s home page will display active listings pulled from your MLS.
  • My company’s or branch office’s phone number, name, and address?
    • dash. This information is all pulled from what’s on record in dash – make adjustments there if something looks off. You can use the “Refresh Office Data” button once you have to quickly push those changes over to Zap.